My Games

A selection of games that I have created or contributed in.

top secret project

Role: Game Designer | Duration: January 2021 – Present | Professional Role

Play as an elite spy in this upcoming VR assault course game.

  • Integrating art and code being created across whole game.
  • Marking up game objects within game as part of integration.
  • Writing C# scripts for selected prototype ideas.
  • Paper and digital prototyping variants for existing and new gameplay mechanics.
  • Liaising with leads to prioritise new content based on scope and finessing existing content.
  • Using project-specific tools to greybox layouts and mechanics in line with briefs provided by senior designer.
  • 3D Level creation & balancing.
  • Brainstorming and pitching design ideas to team in line with briefs provided by senior designer.
  • Helping to improve management tools by highlighting areas of inefficiency and suggesting improvements.
  • Implementing gameplay using Udon Node Graphs, tweaking where relevant.
  • Using in-house tools to integrate gameplay.
  • Creating documentation for new design decisions and implementation guides in wiki.
  • Working remotely with the team and other disciplines.
  • Regular QA and playtesting, including bug report and assigning bugs to relevant discipline on HacknPlan.
  • Creating tasks, time logging in HacknPlan.

Role: Junior VR Game Designer  | Team size: 5 | Engine: Unity | Scripts: C# | Platform: VR | Duration: May 2021 – November 2021 | Professional Role

On-the-fly character switching puzzles exploring father-daughter bond.

  • We’re OK is a story-heavy puzzle platformer where the player can weaken or mend a broken father-daughter bond by completing or skipping puzzle segments.
  • All assets were created by me (except music & SFX).
  • Design: gameplay and balanced levels, 3 camera viewports using Cinemachine.
  • UI Design: splash screen, start menu, in-game menu, narration system, win/lose screens.
  • Narration Design: exploring a father-daughter bond in a backdrop of losing a terminally sick family member.
  • C# Scripting: movements, UI updates using triggers, using playerPrefs, character toggle system
  • 2D Art: characters, environment, narration bubbles

Role: Solo Game Developer | Genre: RPG | Team size: 1 | Engine: Unity | Assets: Affinity Designer | Scripts: C# | Platform: PC | Duration: October 2021 (2 weeks) | Game jam (New Beginnings)

What if Coldplay’s “Fix You” song was about missing children?

  • Mr & Mrs Pie is an upcoming story-heavy platformer where the player follows a couple looking for their missing child.
  • Being made in collaboration with Missing People.
  • Designing gameplay, levels, storyline and UI.
  • 2D Art: characters and environment.
  • UI Design & Programming : Start menu, in-game menu.
  • Animations: frame animations, environment animations.
  • C# Scripting: movements, UI updates using triggers, collectables.
  • Camera scripting and dampening.
  • Released prototype.
  • Contacting players for initial playtesting.
  • Sharing development progress on social media.

Role: Game Developer | Genre: 2D Platformer | Team size: 1 | Engine: Unity | Assets: Affinity Designer | Scripts: C# | Platform: PC (WebGL) | Duration: May 2021 – Present | Collaboration Project

A jungle-themed 3D platformer MOD made with Unity LEGO Microgame.

  • Added event triggers and gameflow logic using behaviour LEGO bricks
  • Assembled LEGO bricks to make 3D models using Bricklink Studio 2.0
  • Added occlusions culling, skybox, particle effects
  • Level design: reimagining new gameplay ideas using existing code, reusing assets to create different environments, strategically placing props to guide player through game
  • Narration design with various side characters
  • Playtesting

Role: Game Designer | Genre: Adventure RPG | Team size: 1 | Engine: Unity | Assets: Premade & Bricklink Studio 2.0 | Scripts: | Behaviour LEGO Bricks | Platform: PC (WebGL) | Duration: Nov 2020 – December 2020 (2 weeks) | Game jam

“Knives Out”, but it’s cats.

  • Worked in a remote team
  • 2D Character art (including expressions, environment and game logo)
  • Designing clues and how it would be implemented in storyline
  • Designed moodboard
  • Created page
  • Playtesting

Role: Game Artist & Clue Designer | Genre: Narrative Suspense | Team size: 3 | Engine: Unity | Assets: Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo | Platform: PC (WebGL) | Duration: June 2021 (3 weeks) | Game jam (Only entry)


  • Approached developer of game to playtest after seeing it on LinkedIn.
  • Playtested game and wrote review report.