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KUato chit chat

A voice recognition conflict resolution dialogue system for children.


👀 Overview: talking it out

✍️ Writing scenarios: sharing, self regulation & more

💡 implementation: set dressing, dialogue & audio


Chit Chat is a game where you use your voice to help characters remember their lines in different “scenes” focused on several aspects of conflict resolution and talking about your feelings, aimed at children.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my role:

  • Crafting a range of storylines – from high-level arcs to particular plotlines and scene descriptions.
  • Writing dialogue and descriptive texts to match character personality and scene requirements.
  • Designing, improving and implementing dialogues to make the characters sound and feel alive.
  • In-game implementation of audios and recordings for each scene using in-house custom tools.
  • Set dressing and implementation using in-house tool.
  • Liaising with lead to define scenario and dialogue technical requirements and guidelines for level progression, in line with current national curriculum for each age group.

writing scenarios

I wrote a series of dialogues for various scenarios focused on topics that children (and even some adults!) can struggle with, such as bullying, being different, sharing, domestic animal care, hidden disabilities and more.

Click on the thumbnails below to read some of these scenarios.


I set up several of these scenarios in the game using in-house tools, including audio, SFX and animation. I also set-dressed a background (Corner Shop) using existing props.

Click on the thumbnails below to view some of these scenarios, acted out by our adorable little monsters.