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KUato party games

Drop in drop out co-op party game feature list and concepting.


👀 Overview: Let’s party!

👩‍💻 feature lists: core mechanic that your grandma could master, and more

💡 concepting: finding the fun and amplifying it


With the support of the design team and design lead at Kuato, I worked on a series of party game concepts.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my role:

  • Collaborating with lead to create a feature list and map, to be used as a baseline for all party game concepts.
  • Concepting several ideas that define and build on core mechanics, in line with feature list and scope.
  • Pitching a range of concepts to design team and management.

feature lists

Although concepting is fun, not having a core set of feature lists to use as a guide, even with a genre as open-ended as party games, can be time-consuming.

So, I researched the market and analysed several party games to come up with a set of unifying features, the “essence” of party games, if you will. I collaborated with the design team to prioritise the feature list and add missing features.

I then used that to create a feature map, to be used as a quick visual guide during concepting.

Looking at the feature map, it was quite clear, to the point of stating the obvious, where we should be starting: coming up with the core mechanic.


I came up with a few concepts with single core mechanics that could be picked up regardless of skill level, under the guidance of the design lead. I then worked on gameplay, allowing the flow to be dictated by the solid base mechanic. You can check out two of those concepts by clicking on the images below: