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marvel story playback

A suite of tools designed to teach children through their favourite Marvel heros.


👀 Overview: Interactive stories with your favourite marvel heros.

💡 Implementing: “Wow, thanks spider-man.”


Marvel Story Playback is a suite of tools which can be used to create Marvel-themed stories with different outcomes (to be used by parents), and then play through it (aimed at children). 

Here’s a quick breakdown of my role:

  • Building playable experiences in line with story briefs provided by design lead.
  • Identifying and finding solutions for areas of friction in story building and collaborating with other disciplines to achieve solutions within tool limitations.
  • Level designing and camera placements to highlight tool strengths.
  • Implementing animations for each character rig via animator.
  • Creating and implementing prefabs within data files in Unity for use within the Story Playback tool.


I collaborated with the design team to write stories to be created using Story Maker.

Here’s two stories I made using the Marvel Story Maker suite of tools: