Commercial Games

Learning Platform

Game Designer (Concepting and Rapid Prototyping) | Kuato Studios | Web Browser | January 2022 – November 2022 | Unreleased

An open world with a range of educational games for kids to explore.

Kuato Learning Platform is an open-world educational platform which contains a range of “speak-to” games that could be played using voice commands, focused on emotional and language development for children.

  • Collaborating with design team to create a feature list and define the design pillars for all platform games, in line with market research and the national curriculum.
  • Exploring several game concepts in line with the defined feature list
  • Brainstorming and creating pitches that articulate how these concepts uphold the game’s design pillars and drive the desired player educational development.
  • Prototyping concepts to find the fun.


As part of the design team, I worked on a series of concepts in line with the platform open-world design and overarching storyline, each concept focusing on different areas of the national curriculum for the age group.

Click on the images below to view some of these concepts.


I prototyped a few of these concepts over the course of a few weeks, implementing in-house tools to add speak-to functionality. I also created different versions of existing concepts to focus on different areas of the curriculum, such as directions and colours (which you can view by clicking the videos below).